Muchamiel Beach , Spain

Spain is famous worldwide for its beautiful scenery, stunning weather and incredible beaches. Muchamiel is no exception to any of this with a brilliant reputation for being somewhere to jet off to for an amazing holiday. As with most tourist towns in places such as Spain there are many different things to do both during the day and the night which span across a whole range of great holiday activities.

Playa Beach

As you would expect from a tourist town on the Spanish coastline the beach in Muchamiel is fantastic. A total coastline which stretches for about 7 miles, mostly consisting of gorgeous white sand beaches bordering the beautiful body of water. It has great access all along it and has various harbors along it to take boat trips from out into the sea. Given the size of the beach and the fact that the town itself is not too crowded, the beach feels beautiful and secluded in places offering a measure of privacy and a great atmosphere for spending your holiday on a great beach with a serene surrounding.

Golf courses

Another holiday activity synonymous with Spain is playing golf. Home to some of the most well-maintained and well-designed courses in Europe; in recent decades, it has become the home of the summer golf holiday for people all around the world who want to play on beautiful course surrounded by stunning scenery. In Muchamiel there is the Alicante Golf Course offering those holidaying in the area the opportunity to play on a great course set in the beautiful environment between the sea and being overlooked by the mountains.

The Nightlife

The nightlife of an area is very important to many people who are going to go out to Spain looking for a great holiday. Muchamiel is not famed for its nightlife but there are several places where you can go in evenings and at night to have a great time and let your hair down. El Huello is probably the largest bar in the area and the place most common for tourists to go out and have a great night. There is also access to far more popular nighttime locations such as Benidorm via the Alicante Night Train, meaning that there are great night time options very close to the resort.


Another of Spain’s famous aspects is the food that it can offer to tourists. Tapas being the most famous of Spanish foods, tourists love to find places to eat when on holiday where they can find great food made from fresh local ingredients. Going away from home and finding food which uses brilliant recipes and beautiful ingredients is something that Muchamiel can offer with many great restaurants for guests to enjoy wonderful meals. Chimo is one of the town’s most famous and most highly regarded restaurants which serves a wide selection of tapas for guests of the area to sample. There is also the family run Restaurante La Pena which incorporates a range of styles in a beautiful, family owned setting.


The Tower of La Illeta

Spain is filled with many great historical buildings to go and visit whilst there offering beautiful architecture and a great setting to go on a day out. The Tower of La Illeta was constructed in the 16th Century to protect the local population at the time from being assaulted by pirates and to provide somewhere for them to store some of their belongings. It has been impeccably preserved since then and offers a beautiful site which is slightly inland in a similarly beautiful setting.

The Villa Marco

You’re probably far more likely to associate France with luxury, 19th Century homes than you are Spain. However, with the Villa Marco is only a short journey away from the Muchamiel and can be the perfect place for a great day out whilst on your holiday. It has some wonderful greenery enclosures heavily inspired by the gardens of great European palaces such as Versailles. This gives anyone looking for beautiful scenery and a great building with some very interesting history which comprises several different cultures the perfect day out at the Spanish sea side.

Club Nautico Muchamiel

One great place to go if you love relaxing out on the sea and enjoying your time on holiday relaxing is the Nautico Muchamiel. There is an area of the port which is able to cater for a huge number of vessels which you can observe whilst having lunch or a drink. There is also an area where you can hire boats to use for fishing if you love to relax and try to catch some fish in the beautiful, clear seas of Northern Spain.